#BALANCE Boot Camp

Welcome to #BALANCE Boot Camp with Kristie Lengel: A FREE 7 day kick start to a #BALANCED lifestyle for busy women looking to make sustainable changes to their health and wellness routine!

  • Daily #BALANCE goals that you can easily implement into your daily life!
  • Step by step approach to implementing sustainable change! No quick fixes. No fads. And definitely no more starting over on Monday!
  • What to focus on and what to forget about! There's SO much fitness and nutrition information out there, so you'll focus on what matters!
Kristie in the kitchen cutting fruit

It's supposed to be as simple as "eat less and move more"...


...you have all the supplements
...you have the workout equipment
...you know what a healthy food choice is

And you still can't stay consistent and lose the weight you want!


What's stopping you from being successful is all of the "NOISE" out there! It's like total information overload, am I right?!
"Eat cabbage soup for 9 days and you'll lose 9 pounds"
"Don't eat after 6:00pm"
"HIIT is the best workout to lose fat"
"You have to eat ginger to decrease your waist size"

It's impossible to know where to start! The information is so overwhelming, it's paralyzing! And then what do we do?! We QUIT and order pizza! (Been there! 😂)

So let's end this vicious cycle once and for all! I'll be with you every step of the way! I'll help you turn off the "noise" in our heads and focus on what your body really needs! #BALANCE and basics!

This series is 100% FREE and doesn't require ANY equipment or supplements! Just a little bit of focus!

The Low Down!

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The habits you'll build this week will set you up for a lifetime of #BALANCE. Your goal will be to REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT! Consistency is the key to big results!
Kristie ecstatic in a gym setting

Hey ladies! It's Kristie! AKA "Cheese" 😜

The entirety of my 20's was spent living a completely unbalanced lifestyle. I was super ambitious and put everything I had into being successful! Whether it was owning my own fitness studio, competing in natural bodybuilding, running the most successful franchise gym location in the country, or owning a meal prep restaurant (Version #2), I would push myself so hard that I would get to a point that I just couldn't push anymore! I'd then find myself on the opposite end of unhealthy, fighting depressive feelings and completely neglecting my health and career goals (Version 1). I lived a totally "black and white" life!

But now, my lifestyle revolves around living in the GRAY! I preach #BALANCE! I scream it! Heck, I even got the word tattooed on the back of my neck! I've tossed extremes to the curb and give myself constant grace. I strive for #BALANCE mentally, emotionally and physically, and I'm so excited to help you do the same! No more yo-yo's. No more depriving and binging. No more starting over on Monday!